Harry Kalas Calls

This is a list of calls made by Harry Kalas that were featured on Swing and a Long Drive's "Call of the Day." The calls range from his best, most recognizable calls to random ones. Calls will be added at random. Click the links for audio.

Mike Schmidt's 500th career home run

Shane Victorino No Ka Oi!

Ryan Howard's 50th home run in 2006.

Pat Burrell walk-off in 2008.

Lou Marson's first Major League home run.

2007 Phillies clinch the National League East.

Ryan Howard's 7 RBI game, including tremendous home run.

Aaron Rowand walk-off single in 2006.

Chase Utley walk-off against Mets in 11-10 win in 2007.

Aaron Rowand grand slam home run in 2007.

Bobby Abreu walk-off home run in 2006.

Phillies clinch NL East in 1993.

2007 win on Marlon Anderson's interference call.

First win of 2008: a walk-off walk.

Ryan Howard's 49th home run in 2006.

Jose Hernandez grand slam in 2006.

Aaron Rowand's catch into the wall in 2006.

Shane Victorino's walk-off against the Mets in 2008.

Carlos Ruiz steals home on double steal in 2007.

Great Jimmy Rollins catch in 2007.

Pat Burrell's home runs in the 2008 NLDS.

Matt Stairs home run in 2009- HK's last HR call.

Phillies clinch the NL East in 2008.

Phillies win the 2008 National League pennant.

Raul Ibanez home run in April 2009.

Nice play by Rollins and typical inning ender.

Mike Lieberthal third inning homer.

Jamie Moyer sac fly in 2008.

2007 Ryan Howard 14th inning walk-off.

Jimmy Rollins throws home for big out.

Jon Lieber complete game shutout in 2006.

Abe Nunez and Sal Fasano go back-to-back.

Manny Trillo triple in 1980 NLCS.

Diving play by Chase Utley.

Pat Burrell homers in second inning.

Joe Blanton's HR in the World Series.

Aaron Rowand swinging bunt in 2007 against Mets.

Ryan Howard's second homer against the Red Sox.

Jimmy Rollins goes deep in 2007.

Chase Utley homer in 2008.

Chase Utley HR in Game 3 of the World Series.

Eddie Mathews' 500th career homer.

Ryan Madson strikeout in Game 4 of the World Series.

Final out of 2008 World Series.

Shane Victorino breaks homerless streak in 2006.

Carlos Ruiz walk-off home run.

Jayson Werth grand slam vs. Blue Jays.

Strike 'em out, throw 'em out.

Ryan Howard walk-off againt Mets.

Pedro Feliz walk-off single.

R.J Swindle's curveball.

Chris Coste homer.

Ryan Howard ties game in ninth inning.

Phillies come back in 2009.

Nice catch by Michael Bourn.

Kyle Kendrick reel in 2007.

Cole Hamels hit by comebacker.

Chase Utley extends hitting streak to 29 games.

Jimmy Rollins 22nd homer in 2006.

Appeal to third on strikeout.

Brett Myers Complete Game Shutout in 2008.

Chase Utley makes the play in first game back from broken hand.

Shane Victorino hits a disputed home run in 2008.

Jimmy Rollins finished a double shy of the cycle in 2007.

Phillies turn an unusual triple play in 2007.

Chase Utley makes the diving stop in the 9th inning in 2007.

Kalas talks about the passing of Richie Ashburn.

Phillies clinch 2008 NL pennant.

Kalas closes the Vet.

Howard hits a home run to Ashburn Alley in 2007.

Jim Thome hits his 400th career home run.

"Chase Utley, you are the man!"

Chase Utley first career hit/grand slam.

Sorry, we don't have links for the following calls, but you may be able to hear the call as you read:

"Swing and a drive to right center field. Maddox is there!"

"Well hit to deep left. Goodbye! Way, way, outta here! Gary Mathews! What a League Championship Series he's having."

"Nothing-and-two to Bill Russell.. Al Holland. They're going crazy here at Veteran's stadium. Struck him out! Phillies have won it! Holland dives on Mike Schmidt! Paul Owens coming out. The Phillies have won the National League pennant. The score 7-2, as the Phillies are the 1983 National League Champs winning it 3 out of 4 against the Los Angeles Dodgers."

"Swing and a miss! Struck him out! The Phillies are the '93 National League Champions! Mitch Williams, a 1-2-3 save and this place is bedlam at Veterans Stadium."

"Here is the 3-2 pitch.. Swing and a line drive! He did it! Vukovich made the catch! Wise has done it! A no hit, no run game!"

"Line drive. Great grab! Charlie Hayes! And Mulholland has pitched the first nine inning no-hitter in the history of the Vet."

"All eyes are on Tommy Greene. 2 outs, no base runners, ninth inning. Greene working on a no hit no run game. Tim Wallach, who is 0-1 has walked, line to right and walked. Hard ground ball! Great grab Greene! It's over! He's pitched a no hit, no run game, making the final out himself! Tommy Greene a no hitter! And he is really being mobbed by the entire Phillie bench. What an effort by Tommy Greene. Terry Muholland who pitched the last Phillies no hitter at Veterans Stadium against San Francisco last year, one of the first ones out. That young man has to be really excited. The appreciative Montreal fans even though they lost giving Tommy Greene a standing ovation. What a thrill for the 24 year old from North Carolina."

"Struck him out! Ball game is over! Phillies win it by a score of 6-2. Steve Carlton wins his 300th major league game, and the big left hander is the first one to go out and shake the hand of Al Holland. Steve Carlton, 300 Major League wins, 199 losses. Paul Owens is hugging the big left hander. What a pleasure it was to watch him pitch over the years since joining the Phillies in 19 hundred and 72. Thanks left hander. You've given us a lot of thrills."

"Struck 'em out! Number 3,522, Steve Carlton! He has surpassed Nolan Ryan for the all time Major League strike out king!"

"Swing and a well hit ball to deep right. This ball's outta here! Home run The Dude! The Phillies are right back in this ballgame, its 5 to 4 in the seventh."

"Ground ball to third. It might be two.. Wide throw by Batiste to right field and safe all around."

"Swing.. a hard ground ball. Base hit! Base hit! Down the left field line! Kruk scores! Phils win! 4-3 on the RBI hit by Kim Batiste. What a big win and game one by the Phightin Phils!"

"...the 2-1 pitch... Swing and a Long Drive! Deep left field! A grand slam! The Phillies, have won the game! Unbelievable! Bo Diaz, a grand slam home run and the Phillies have won the game, in the ninth."

"One strike to 'em. Swing and a long drive! It might be a slam! It is! The Phillies win, by a score of 5-3, on a pinch grand slam by Ozzie Virgil!"

"Line drive... left-center field... Incaviglia scores and the Phillies win it on a base hit by Mitchie-poo!"

"The 1-0 pitch... LONG DRIVE! Deep right! Ballgame tied! Outta Here! Home run Joe Morgan! We are tied at 5."

"Swing and a well hit ball to deep center field! Richards back! It is outta here! Home run! Del Unser, has won the ballgame! Veterans Stadium is going wild! His third consecutive pinch hit home run! Unbelievable!"

"Line drive. It is a fair ball down the left field line, going all the way to to the corner! Here comes Thon into score. Lake being waved around. Mitchell can't pick it up! Lake scores, here comes Dernier! The throw to the plate... safe! I can't believe it! The Phillies have won 3-2 in the bottom half of the 12th inning! Incredible! Mitchell could not pick the ball up down in the corner, it kicked away from him. Dernier has circled the bases! Bedlam here at Veterans Stadium, when all looked lost! The Phightin' came back and won, 3 to 2!"

"Down and in to Maddox.. Line shot! Deep Left! Gotta chance.... Home run! Gary Maddox has tied up the ballgame at four here in the bottom of the eighth."

"That might be four-ninty-nine! It is! Outta Here! Michael Jack Schmidt. Number four-ninty-nine in his career and its tied at one."

"A high-chop to the mound... Chase Utley's gonna keep going.. and he's safe at home plate! Chase Utley, you are the man!"

"Righetti stretches... 1-2 pitch... swing and a well-hit ball to deep right... this ball is a grand slam, a grand slam home run Mickey Morandini and the Phillies have broken this game wide open!"

"Swing and a well hit ball to left field. Thompson back, leaps up and makes a great catch! Reaches into the fence and it might have saved the game! What a catch by Milt Thomposon!"

"Look out! Here's a National League record. 9th home run of the night for the Cincinnati Reds."

"Swing and a line shot to right center! It's a gapper! And would you believe it! The Krukker at second with a double!"

"Driven to deep right center field. It is a grand slam! And the Phillies have taken a 7-6 lead! What a big blow by Rolen!"

"OH WOW! LOOK AT THIS! A grand slam, upper-deck home run! What a tremendous shot by Pat Burrell!"

"Line drive to left.. It's gotta chance.. OUTTA HERE! Pat Burrell with a line drive, home run!"

"Victorino flying around second. He'll go into third with a sliding triple."

"Bases loaded, nobody out. Long Drive! Deep right field. Grand Slam, home run, Ryan Howard! The first pitch thrown by Medders, Howard takes into the seats, and the Phillies lead it 4 to 3."

"Long drive! Could it be? It is a game winning pinch hit home run, Mike Lieberthal! Can you believe it? The Phillies have come back to win, 8 to 7! What a stunning defeat for Pittsburgh! What an accelerating win for the Phightin' Phils, who have come back to score seven runs in the ninth inning and win 8-7 on a pinch hit home run by Mike Lieberthal! I can not believe it!"

"Swing and a drive to right field. Johnson got a long ways to run. Makes the running catch nicely. Rifels to first base! Double Play! Great play by Johnson."

"Ground ball, base hit. Jimmy Rollins has hit safely in 32 consecutive games. An all time Phillies record."

"From the cradle of liberty, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Do we have closure? No. No, the heinous acts of terrorism last Tuesday will be with us for as long as we all shall live."

"Chase Utley again! Chase Utley again! Ending the ballgame on a great catch! Chase Utley you are the man! Wow!"

"Jimmy Rollins is going to have his first major league hit. Off the fence and watch him fly! It's going to be a triple! Rollins... heading for third... Head first slide. He's there with a triple!"

"Well hit! Game over! 3-run homerun Travis Lee! Can you believe it? What a tremendous comeback from the Fightin' Phils! A 10 to 8 win!"

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"Here is the 3-2 pitch.. Swing and a line drive! He did it! Vukovich made the catch! Wise has done it! A no hit, no run game!"

With two home runs to boot.

I heard this call on the internet recently -- it's out there.

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Okay, the Rick Wise no-hitter call is at 0:40 of this tribute video:


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