Manny a Phillie?

Could it be? Manny being Manny in Philadelphia? According to recent rumors, the Phillies have interest.

Manny Ramirez has a club option for 2009 and 2010 with the Red Sox. There is a chance that the option will not be picked up, thus making him a free agent. Pat Burrell will a free agent after this year. If the Phillies do not resign Pat the Bat, that creates a hole in left field. Could Manny fill Pat's shoes?

Recently Manny made very controversial comments:

"If they can get a trade, I'd approve it. If they can't trade me, then they will
simply have to inform me by the end of the season that they won't use the
options and we'll go separate ways."


There is always a chance Manny would want to come to Philly. Charlie Manuel managed Manny when he was with the Cleveland Indians.

What would it be like if Manny wore red pinstripes? How would he hit in a hitter friendly park like Citizens Bank Park? In 25 ABs at Citizens Bank Park, Manny has 3 home runs. Those doubles or long singles off the Green Monster at Fenway could possibly be home runs in Citizens Bank Park. My guess is that Manny would benefit hitting in Philadelphia's home field.

However, how would the fans react with Manny being Manny in Philly? Manny was showered with boos when the Red Sox visited the Phillies in June of this year. As long as he helps the Phillies win, those boos would turn instantly into cheers by Phillies fans.

If Manny is traded to the Phillies before the trade deadline (which is highly unlikely), that would mean that either Manny or Burrell would have to move to right field, unless Burrell is involved in a trade. I don't think that would sit to well with either of them. But, keep in mind that Burrell has a no trade clause. He would have to wave it. Burrell has said that he would like to stay in Philadelphia.

The only chance I see Manny coming to Philadelphia is if the Phillies sign him as a free agent after the season. However, I don't think the Phillies will go after Ramirez. I think Burrell would be their first priority.


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