China vs. USA

The most watched basketball game played, ever. Not millions, but billions of people tuned into this mornings game between China and USA. NBA is very popular in the United States. Basketball has become the most popular sport in China, with thanks to a man names Yao Ming.

Yao Ming's hometown China lost to Lebron James' USA, 101-70. The game was wire to wire in the first quarter. Back and forth as the home fans cheered loud. In the second quarter, USA pulled away taking the lead. After halftime, USA didn't look back.

This was a huge game for China's Yao Ming. He was very excited for this game as it meant a lot to him. He was the leading scorer for China with 13 points.

Ming had a scare during the 3rd quarter. He went down, holding his ankle. He got up and appeared to OK. He would not leave the game.

With 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Ming was taken out of the game. He pumped his fist to a standing ovation. Even though his team was down, Yao stood up and cheered every basket his teammates made.


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