Lidge Hurtin'

Brad Lidge missed the first couple weeks of the season rehabbing from a knee injury. But its not his knee that is bothering him. Lidge has missed the last two games due to tendinitis in his right shoulder.

In fact, Lidge hasn't been the same since the All Star Game where he got the loss. In that game Lidge warmed up 6 times in that 15 inning marathon. He threw over 100 pitches in the bullpen, which is not usual for a relief pitcher. Not only did he warm up, he also threw in the game.

Lidge made no excuses for getting the loss, even though he admitted to being a little tired.

Lidge is having an excellent year completing 28/28 saves. His ERA is 2.19, and if it weren't for one game, it would be close to 1. He struck out 63 in 49.1 IP.

But since the All Star Break, Lidge has changed. During the first half, Lidge had an ERA of 1.13 ERA with a 1.13 WHIP. After the All Star Break, Lidge's ERA is 6.75 with a 1.93 WHIP in 9.1 innings. Granted, it was just one bad game where he exploded, but all his appearances in the second half have been shaky. He's gave up quite a few base runners.

I'm not worried about Lidge. I think he just needed some much needed rest. Clint Hurdle's use of Lidge in the All Star game was not helpful, nor a good idea, but what are you going to do. Hopefully he will be OK.


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