Ozzie Pulls Team Off Field

I know this is a day late, but I did not find out about this until today. Maybe because the incident did not happen in Philadelphia?

The Minnesota Twins' Denard Span attempted to bunt at a ball, but it appeared that he pulled back and got hit in the leg. Home plate umpire, Bill Welke appealed the call to the third base umpire, Marty Foster. Marty Foster called it strike three.

Furious, Twins manager Ron Gardenhire argued the call with Foster. Gardenhire was ejected as Twins fans chanted "Gardy! Gardy!" On the way to the dugout, Gardenhire punted his cap like a football. That wasn't the only cap thrown. Fans threw hats, balls, bottles and other objects onto the field.

In response, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen pulled his team off the field. In my opinion, pulling his team off the field was a good move. He was protecting his players from being injured.

The Twins PA announcer warned fans to stop throwing objects, and if they continued, the Twins would have to forfeit the game by rule. The Twins fans listened, and stopped, and the game was continued.

Gardenhire apologized for his actions. And oh by the way, the Twins won the game.

I'm not trying to bust on Twins fans, but like I mentioned earlier, if this incident occurred in Philadelphia, it would of been the first thing, and top story on ESPN. That is the rep Phillies fans get. But, you get that kind of stuff everywhere. It happens in every stadium. Fans booing, throwing objects, running on the field, etc.

There are both good and bad fans in every single fan base. Whether it is Philadelphia, New York, St. Louis, or Minnesota. You can not judge an entire fan base on certain actions by just a few fans. They do not make up for the rest of the fans. Also, don't judge a person by the team they root for. Get to know the fan before you make an assumption. All different types of fans make up an entire fan base.


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