Retired or not retired? That is the question. Brett Favre is retired no more. He's back... again.

On March 3rd, Brett Favre burst into tears as he announced his official retirement. Tomorrow, August 4th, he will be back in the NFL, as he will be reinstated. He will get a physical and join the Green Bay Packers camp tomorrow.

Do the Packers still want him? They did offer him $25 million to stay retired. Brett Favre did officially retire, so as the Packers are supposed to, they moved on. Now, Brett is back. They made a commitment to having Aaron Rodgers their starting quarterback. Will they trade Favre?

This is a good thing for baseball fans across the country. Maybe we will be able to catch some baseball highlights on ESPN instead of hearing about what Brett Favre ate for lunch. Brett Favre has been the center of attention for the last month or so. It's been the top story for weeks, if you haven't already heard.

Speaking of Brett's, Brett Myers will go tonight for the Phillies.


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