Sports Heaven

I'm officially in Sports Heaven. Sports will be on TV 24 hours a day for a while. The Olympics in Beijing are underway, plus the Little League World Series is starting soon. NFL pre-season games have started, and of course, my favorite, Major League Baseball will be on. No matter the sport, there is a sport on.

I wasn't really excited about the Olympics until a few days ago when I watched an Olympic programing. I saw some higlights on previous Olympic games, and some records. It was then when I realized how big the Olympics are, and what great athletes will be competing to represent their country, and try to bring home the gold.

I became excited about watching Michael Phelps with all the hype around him. He can set Olympic history, bringing home the most medals, ever. It will also be interesting to see what the 16 year old gymnast will do in the Olympics. I'm also looking forward to seeing what USA Men's Basketball will do. They have an All Star team. Billions of people will likely tune into their game against China.

I'm also excited about baseball and softball. Team USA of softball can dominate. They have excellent pitching, and excellent hitting. I wouldn't be surprised if they brought home a gold. I've watched some of their exhibition games, and they have a very good team. As for baseball, if USA had Major League players instead of Minor League players, no question they could of won a gold as well. But we can't just take All Star caliber players off their teams in the middle of pennant races.

No matter what sport it is, I will probably watch it during the Olympics, even if I've never heard of it. For instance, today I discovered the sport handball. When I found out handball was an Olympic sport, I was thinking hand ball was like wall ball, or baseball with a tennis ball, and instead of a bat, you use your hands. Man, was I wrong. I watched it today, and its actually like soccer, only you use your hands. I guess that makes since since soccer is also called football. But, handball actually looks like a fun sport to play.


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