Brew Crew/ Phils NLDS

The Milwaukee Brewers clinched the National League Wild Card. The Mets missed their chances and were eliminated for good. The Brew Crew is in the post season for the first time since 1982. They'll play the Phillies in the first round of the playoffs, the National League Division Series.

The Brewers can make the same mistake the Phillies made last year when they clinched: over celebrate.

Obviously, the city of Milwaukee is going to be pumped, and should be, especially since its been so long since they've made the playoffs. That was the Phillies case last year. They pretty much celebrated like it was the World Series, minus the parade.

The Phillies celebration this year was much shorter. Last year, they used twice as much champagne as they did this year. They know there is still baseball left and some unfinished business. The Phils have some playoff experience now, so they learned from last year.

Also, the Phillies had a chance to rest players this year for at least one extra day. The Brewers had to use their star players today. CC Sabathia started today, therefore will not pitch in the playoffs until the second or third game. The Phillies were in the same exact position last year, and got swept in the postseason.

Therefore, the Brew Crew is in the same boat the Phils were in last year, while the Phillies have a little more experience, and know what is in front of them.

Playoffs start on Wednesday.


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