He's Back

Remember that wonderful 4 game series in 2007 when the Phillies swept the Mets at home. Everybody contributed to that sweep, but Tadahito Iguchi, who took over second while Chase Utley was out with a broken hand, was a huge key toward that series.

The Phillies have a 3 game set at Shea, and that familiar face is back. Tadahito Iguchi.

The Phillies offered Iguchi to play third base for the '08 season, but Iguchi signed with the Padres in the offseason. He has really struggled. He's batting .234 with 2 HR with 24 RBI.

Iguchi will be used as a pinch hitter.

I don't think the move was completely necessary, but if anything, it adds a little depth to our bench. Hopefully he can do well for the Phillies just like he did last year. And hopefully he'll be pouring that champagne in Jimmy Rollins' mouth just like he did last year.


Tom G, ballssticksstuff.com said...

You're right, it is nothing more than depth, but even if he gets one pinch-hit that wins a game, it is well worth it.

By the way, nice site you have here, good writing.

Anonymous said...

I agree, He adds depth, but this is it!

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