Win the Tie

Coin flips for a playoff tiebreaker games have been determined.

If the Phillies tie with the Mets for the National League East, the Phillies will get home field advantage. The Philles will also have advantage at home if they tie the Wild Card with the Brewers, Astros, or Cardinals.

Charlie Manuel likes the outcome.

Here are the rest of the tie break winners, courtesy of


Playoff for AL East
Tampa Bay at Boston

Playoff for AL Central
Minnesota at Chicago

Playoff for AL Wild Card
Minnesota at Boston


Playoff for NL East
New York at Philadelphia

Playoff for NL Central
Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee

Playoff for NL West
Arizona at Los Angeles

Playoff for NL Wild Card
Milwaukee at Philadelphia
Milwaukee at Houston
Milwaukee at St. Louis
Houston at Philadelphia
St. Louis at Philadelphia
Houston at St. Louis


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