Magic Number: 8

With 7 games left, the Phillies magic number is 8. That is because, the Mets have 8 games left of their season. However, to clinch a playoff berth, the Phillies magic number is 5.

On a side note, The Chicago Cubs clinched the National League Central Last Night. The Tampa Bay Rays clinched a playoff spot for the first time in their history.

The Phillies play their last game against the Marlins today. Jamie Moyer, who has owned the Marlins in his career, will get the start against rookie Chris Volstad.

After the Marlins, the Phillies will have a 6 game homestand starting with the Atlanta Braves, and ending with the Washington Nationals. Despite both teams being eliminated, both teams are going to be playing the Phillies tough. Neither team is going to just let a team win.

The Mets have a little bit of a tougher schedule coming up. The Cubs will go to Shea Stadium to play the Mets. The Mets may catch a break now that the Cub's clinched. Some of the Cub's key players may not play.

After the Cubs leave town, the Flordia Marlins will take on the Mets.

Hmm.. a familiar scenario. The Phillies playing the Nationals at Citizens Bank Park. The Mets playing the Marlins at Shea.

Could the regular season just like they did last year? The only difference may be Lidge throwing a slider instead of Myers' curveball.


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