Rainin' and Waitin'

The weather couldn't get any worse on Monday. Cold, wind, rain. Brutal. Somehow the Phillies and Rays played 6.5 innings.

The game started off decently. The Phillies got a nice 2-0 lead on a 2 run single by Shane Victorino with the bases loaded as a light mist fell from the sky. Things were looking good for the Phillies with their 3-1 series lead and their ace on the mound.

However, as the game went on, the weather got worse. Puddles filled the infield. The wind effected everything. It became unplayable.

The fielders had a tough time fielding. The wind effected fly balls. Jimmy Rollins missed a fly ball to him. He had it lined up in deep short, shallow left, but the wind pushed it all the way back to the infield.

The grounds crew spent a countless number of times fixing the infield puddles, the mound, and home plate. But the rain was just too heavy for the field to hold up, even with the great draining system.

Somehow, the players stuck through it. 3rd inning, 4th inning, 5th inning. After the 5th inning, the game was official. Instead of calling the game, the umpires decided to continue onto the 6th inning as the rain got heavier.

Cole Hamels still on the mound was not able to throw his changeup or curveball due to the conditions. Everything was hard to grip. B.J Upton singled on another ball Rollins was unable to handle due to the conditions. Carlos Pena drove in Upton and the scored tied at 2. It wasn't until the end of that half of the inning when the little tiny light bulb in Bud Selig's head flashed and gave him the idea to do something.

Giving the Rays an extra chance to hit in poor conditions, the tarp came out. The weather was horrible to continue on. The game was suspended, and could resume on Wednesday in the middle of the 6th inning. The suspended rule was created by Selig in 2007. Despite creating this rule, Selig still needed the rule book to explain his own rule. This is the first suspended game in World Series history.

With the game being official, if the Phillies held the lead when the game was called, that would make them World Champions, right? No, that is not the case. Commissioner Bud Selig says the game would be finished in its entirety at some point. They would wait until Thanksgiving if they had to, as Selig put it.

Playing the whole 9 innings, is a great call by Selig. If you're a Phillies fan, think about it. Wouldn't you want the players on the field when they win it all? Wouldn't it be more special if we got to see the last out, knowing it was the last out, or ending the game on a walk off homerun? Wouldn't it be missing something if we didn't get to hear Harry Kalas' call on the radio. It just simply would not feel right. Playing all 9 innings is the right thing, proving that you did it the right way. No '*' next to World Champs.

As Philly may be phrustrated because of the conditions of the Ray's last at bat, you have to look on the bright side. We got 6 innings out of Hamels. He pitched well through the worst of conditions which shows how good he is. If the game did not reach 5, the game would have started over from scratch, and Hamel's would have been wasted. The Phils have a pinch hitter and the top of the lineup due up. Our bullpen has been solid all year. In the end, the better team wins.

The weather can not be controlled, but the forecast looks better for tomorrow. Philadelphia has waited 25 years for a championship, and as of now, they'll have to wait a little longer. Once again, testing our patience.


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