Eagles Make Playoffs; Lions Make History

It must still be baseball's offseason. I'm no NFL analyst, but I do like football. Not as much as baseball of course, but I still like it. Since today was a big day in the NFL, I'll step into the shoes of a football blogger.

NFL's regular season ended with playoffs not much longer away.

There will be more playoff action in Philadelphia. Another parade? Well, we'll see. All you have to do is get to the playoffs, and anything can happen. Look at the 2006 baseball Cardinals. Look at the 2007 New York football Giants. What do these two teams have in common, besides the fact that they are both names of teams in both sports? They won a championship after a so-so regular season. Other teams were better than them all season, but they were the ones who finished on top.

The Philadelphia Eagles made the playoffs by the skin of their teeth. The Eagles needed to beat the Cowboys, and needed help from the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans.

Before the Eagles began, the Raiders beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Texans beat Chicago Bears. A win for the Eagles meant Wild Card berth.

The Eagles ended up crushing their division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, 44-6. The Eagles amazingly made the postseason.

Looking back to previous games during the season, I would say that this team did not deserve to make the playoffs. However, today, unlike several games during the season, there weren't any controversial play calls by Andy Reid. The Eagles ran and passed the ball at appropriate times. If Donovan McNabb got benched, it would have been because the Eagles were winning by a very large margin, saving him for the playoffs. No 2 minute offense. The defense dominated. They played very well, looking like the team they were projected to be. Maybe Jimmy Rollins, who was in attendance, was their good luck charm.

Could the Eagles become the Giants or Cardinals of this year? Possibly. All they have to do is put the past behind them, like they did on Sunday. They have momentum on their side and a winning attitude, which they lacked earlier. It's not how they start, but how they finished.

If you start and finish the same way, then you are the Detroit Lions. The Lions finished the year 0-16, the first time in NFL history a team was defeated. The Miami Dolphins avoided this last season, winning one game. The Lions ended up in the history book.

But hey, maybe the Lions will be the next Detroit Tigers. Three years removed from losing 119 games, the Tigers made it to the World Series. The Lions could also be like the Tampa Bay Rays. No Super Bowl Championships, but the next year go all the way. Maybe not, but keep up the hopes Lions fans. I feel your pain.

I guess this wasn't too bad filling a football blogger's shoes. Football and baseball go hand and hand. How else do you remember how many yards Dan Marino passed for?

"Here's how you remember 61,361: It's Roger Maris (61), then the number of times
Sammy Sosa hit 60 homers in a season (3), then Roger Maris again: 61,361."

Quote: Steve Hirdt


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