Hamels Takes a Shot at Mets

Cole Hamels was interviewed on WFAN, New York. He promoted the Phillies World Series DVD. Hamels also talked about players celebrating. When asked if the Phillies hated the Mets, Hamels replied that its not that they hate the players, they just want to beat them and its all apart of the rivalry.

Hamels was one of the few who understood the boos. He said if booed, he laughs about, knows he stinks, but moves on and hopes to rebound the next game.

Perhaps the big controversy came when asked if Hamels thought the Mets were choked artist. His reply: yes, until proven wrong.

In other words, let the rivalry continue to grow.

Click here for the Full Interview.


Anonymous said...

This was such a non-news story. I guess it's always cool to add some buzz to the rivalry, and it only made headlines because a Phillie said it.

It can't be news to anyone, even the Mets players and WFAN listeners, that they have choked hard these past two seasons.


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