Lidge, Pine Tar?

After it finally hit me, I rewatched the World Series and noticed a lot of things I didn't notice when it happend. I noticed facial expressions of each player as well as other actions.

Today, in the mail I got something for 2009 Phillies Ticket Plans. On the cover was a picture of Brad Lidge raising his arms with Carlos Ruiz on his way to hug him. The picture was very clear, high quality. The thing is, I noticed something on Lidge's hand. On Lidge's fingers, there is something black.

Look closely, and you can see it on the tip of each finger. Could this be pine tar? Or is it dirt?


After watching the last inning of the World Series, I payed attention to Lidge. After a pitch to Navarro, the umpire did check the ball. So if there was a substance on his hand, it did not rub off onto the ball.

Lidge also blew on his hands a few times. The first time, there was nothing noticeable on his thumb, but in the picture his thumb is black. However, he did reach down into the dirt right before a pitch to Eric Hinske. Then, after he blew on his hand again, it was a little brown.

Also, if you compare this to Kenny Roger's pine tar in the 2006 World Series, Rogers had a brown pine tar on his hand, while Lidge has something black on his finger tips.

I'm not trying to accuse Lidge of cheating, as it was just an observation. I'm leaning towards dirt, but you never know. It makes conversation.


GM-Carson said...

Big time accusations there Amanda, be careful. I certainly hope he wasn't cheating. Maybe it was poop, because he just shit himself after ending the World Series with a strikeout.

Amanda said...

Hahah. I'm not trying to accuse him. It could be dirt. Just an observation I made.

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