Mets Sign K-Rod; Other Updates

The Winter Meatings have begun and teams have already made significant moves.

The New York Mets are close to finalizing a deal with the single season all time saves leader, Francisco Rodriguez. The deal is reportedly worth $37 million over 3 seasons, much less than what K-Rod was expected to get.

K-Rod completed 62 saves in 2008, passing Bobby Thigpen's record set in 1988 at 59 saves. In his career, K-Rod has a 2.35 ERA, 1.11 WHIP, and 587 SO in 451.2 IP (an average of 11.70 K/9). Opponents have hit just .186 off the 26 year old.

So, what does this mean for Phillies fans? Obviously, K-Rod is a great closer, but can be overrated due to his saves. Don't fall into the saves stat too much as its more team dependent than originally thought. K-Rod will only help the Met's bullpen, but the Mets still have to get to K-Rod, as they still need to improve their bullpen. As long as the Mets opponent is winning, Franky Rodriguez won't get into the game.

Another Major League closer is close to a deal. Kerry Wood. Wood, former Cub, Rookie of the Year, and starter who once threw 20 strikeouts in one game, is close to a deal with the Cleveland Indians. Wood has been bothered his entire career with injuries, but the Indians are taking a chance with him.

Former Indian, Casey Blake signed a 3 year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The 35 year old third basemen is a career .264 hitter.

The Cincinatti Reds traded Ryan Freel, minor leaguers Justin Turner and Brandon Waring for Ramon Hernandez. In 2008, Hernandez batted .257 with15 HR and 65 RBI. Freel missed a lot of time do to injury.

The Red Sox appear to be making a big push toward free agent Mark Teixeira. As for CC Sabathia, the Los Angeles Angels and San Francisco Giants are interested. Count So Taguchi off the Astors list.. They aren't interested.

In Phillies news, the Phillies picked up Charlie Manuel's 2010 option. Manuel will manage the Phillies through 2010. The Phillies, along with the Yankees, appear to be the big suitors for Derek Lowe. Another rumor involves the Phillies getting Mark Derosa in a 3 way trade in which the Cubs would get Jake Peavy. J.A. Happ or Chris Coste would be traded for DeRosa.

That is the latest from the hot stove as it keeps heating up.


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