Phillies Looking Ahead

Many of the World Champions were in town to attend Comcast Sportsnet's special, Meet the Phillies, and last nights 76ers victory.

Shane Victorino, Brad Lidge, and Ryan Madson took part in the 3 point shooting contest during halftime. Victorino won the contest, drilling the threes. Lidge was lucky to make one, and Madson.. well let's should say he should stick to pitching.

Chase Utley updated his progress on his surgery:

"It's not trying to find a way -- it's listening to my body," Utley said. "Right
now, we are listening, and it's responding well. If that continues to happen,
then I don't see why I won't be ready for Opening Day. But if there are some
setbacks -- which could be a possibility -- I'm not going to be dumb about it.
I'm not going to move through that. I'm going to listen to my body, and when
it's ready, it will be ready. Hopefully, that will be Opening Day."

Knowing they are World Series Champions has finally hit them, especially Victorino and Lidge. They are excited to start the 2009 season, and try to repeat.

“But ’08 is done. It’s ’09 now. We want to try to defend,” Victorino said.

Ruben Amaro Jr. looked ahead at the rotation for 2009, stating Adam Eaton isn't in the plans.

"[Eaton] isn't involved in it. We just feel the other four [Carlos Carrasco,
J.A. Happ, Chan Ho Park, and Kyle Kendrick] would have a better opportunity to
help us."

Finally some one understands a 6+ ERA isn't good enough! Ruben's picking it up. 6 of 7 arbitration eligible players signed, and counting Eaton out. Way to go Rube!

Notes: Carlos Ruiz will not partcipate in the World Baseball Classic with Team Panama. The Phillies have shown interest in Moises Alou and Ty Wigginton.



I think players should play at WBC!

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