Romero Suspended

The Phillies reliever, J.C. Romero, has been suspended for 50 games due to substance abuse.

Romero was tested positive in August. Initially, Romero was supposed to be suspended immediately, resulting in missing the postseason. However, Romero denied he used the substance.

Romero tested positive again in September for the over the counter substance he purchased at a GNC store. Romero was unaware it caused the positive test, and stopped taking the substance. In October, tests were negative.

MLB officials said they would reduce the suspension in half if Romero pleaded guilty. But Romero declined, opting for arbitration.

"[Sergio] Mitre and Romero both legally purchased nutritional supplements from
national chain stores in the United States. Nothing on the labels of those
supplements indicated that they contained a trace amount of a substance
prohibited under Major League Baseball's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment
Program. Neither player intentionally ingested this prohibited substance, but
the arbitrator nevertheless found, wrongly in our view, that the players'
conduct violated the Program's 'no fault or negligence' standard."
Romero claimed to have the substance tested. The substance also did not show a warning sign on the label.

"The season is a grind," Romero said. "When you're a middle reliever, you have
to be ready to get up and down and pitch every day. Everyone takes something.
Some guys drink coffee, others supplements. We try to make sure they're all
legal. I certainly did."

The Phillies lost their best left handed option out of the bullpen for 50 games. Romero, was picked up mid 2007 season after his release from the Boston Red Sox, pitched 59 innings in 2008. He was 4-4 with an ERA of 2.75, WHIP of 1.34, and struck out 52.
Romero is currently on a Phillies cruise, and try to work things out. As of now, Romero is suspended for the first 50 games of 2009.




I think the Phillies can effectively forget about Derek Lowe now and focus on replacing Gordon and Romero.

Amanda said...

Lowe would be nice. I wouldn't stop going after him. We can get a replacement for the two in a trade using Jenkins or Stairs.

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