'80 vs. '08

Who would win in a 7 game series? The 1980 or 2008 World Champion Phillies? Jimmy Rollins says the 2008 Phillies.

"They had some pretty good pitchers on that team, but we hit the ball pretty
good," Rollins said. "It would probably go all seven games, but with the
technology today and us being better athletes than that team was ... They win
every game Lefty throws. He was saucier than Cole was. I'd say 4-3, the '08
team. We have a little more speed. Bowa was good, but I'd take him out. It'd be
a good series."

Mike Schmidt, the star of the 1980 team and special spring training instructor agrees with Rollins.

"Probably these guys. Bigger, stronger, faster. Yeah, no doubt in my mind."

"It would go seven games. It would probably turn on a Schmidt error at
third base. [Larry] Bowa picks it up, throws to first and Bruce Froemming calls
him safe. And the '08 team wins in a controversial play that's talked about for

Phillies Note: Chase Utley appears to be ahead of schedule after recovering from hip surgery. The same can not be said for Pedro Feliz (back) who is a few days behind schedule.

QUOTE SOURCE: Phillies.com


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