Eaton Doesn't Fit Here

Ruben Amaro Jr. already counted out Adam Eaton for the final spot of the rotation. Eaton was not shocked.

"I knew already, obviously. If I establish myself, it might not be here. That's
just the way it is. There's a lot of pitchers vying for the fifth spot. Stuff
happens. Who knows what's going to happen? Hopefully, nothing does happen, and
it makes it a very difficult decision for them. But I just have to get ready for
a season. I'm not going to shortchange myself or my teammates now or in the
future. If it's a season here in Philly, so be it. If it's a season somewhere
else, that's the way it is."

The best option for the Phillies is to release him, or better yet trade him if anybody is willing to take him.

Eaton said that he will not accept an option to the minor leagues:

"If we get to that point, I'll be released. And I don't think that's the
end of the world by any means. It would be kind of prudent not to trade for me.
I'm not going to accept another assignment. It doesn't take a rocket scientist
for another GM to maybe wait and take your shot at getting me for less than a
trade would be."

If the Phillies trade him, they must eat $8.5 million of Eaton's salary.

"I think odds on favorite I'll probably going somewhere else, but that's a good
thing too," Eaton said. "This isn't the only place I fit."

Eaton doesn't feel like he fits in with the team. He wasn't in sight for the Phillies World Championship celebration and didn't attend the parade. He claimed he would of liked to be there, however he was "not invited."

"Obviously, it hasn't been the best fit here," Eaton
said. "I haven't had two good years. For me to establish myself again, it might
not be here, it might be somewhere else. It's nobody's fault, it's just the way
it is. There are a lot of pitchers vying for the fifth spot, but like I said a
couple years ago with myself and Lieber, stuff happens. Hopefully nothing
happens and it makes it a very difficult decision for them, but I'll just get
ready for a season. If it's a season to be a Phillies, so be it, I'm happy with
that, and if it's a season to be somewhere else, that's the way it is."

It's almost obvious Eaton doesn't want to be in Philadelphia, and is looking for a new start with another team. In 2 years, Eaton had a 6.10 ERA with the Phillies. He was sent down to the minor leagues last year and even struggled there. Chances are Eaton will be moved by the end of spring.


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