More Rivalry Banter

Who's next in line to chime in on the Phillies and Mets rivalry? Next contestant: Jose Reyes.

"I don't know why they always focus on us. They are the ones to win the World
Series," Reyes said. "We don't say nothing about them. We just say,
'Congratulations to the Phillies.' They always say something about us and we
don't even focus on them. We focus on them when we play against them."
"We don't worry about the Phillies. We focus about the New York Mets. They have
to be happy because they win the World Series. Why do they focus on us? What did
we do to them? If they don't like us, that's OK."

Reyes also found out of how the Phillies felt after his home run celebrations.

"I don't know why they said that because I'm not the only when I hit a home
run that I 'pimp' it," Reyes said. "A lot of people do that. A lot of people
from Philadelphia, too. They stand there for a couple seconds and nobody say
nothing. I don't know why the Phillies focus so much on the New York Mets. We
just worry about us."
Some Phillies also commented on some recent comments. Jimmy Rollins was surprised that the bantering has lasted this long.

"It has been pretty funny just to hear it going on and on and on,” Rollins said. "I sit there and I laugh and say, ‘This is still going on. They’re still rolling with that?'"

"It’s going to be a fun game any time we play them. But I guess when Cole is pitching, they are going to step it up and, of course, we are going to stand up for Cole, so that is going to force us to step it up. But that just brings out the best in both teams. We’re going to win, but it definitely will bring out the best in both teams."

QUOTE SOURCE: Comcast Sportsnet


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