Phillies Have Interest

The Philadelphia Phillies are showing interest in several available free agents. The Phillies are in need of a right handed bat off the bench as they are stacked with lefties. Without J.C Romero, the Phils could also use a left handed relief pitcher.

The Baltimore Orioles snubbed Ty Wiggington, so the Phils have had their eye on Rich Aurilia. They are also very serious with Nomar Garciaparra. Nomar is undecided if he feels he can continue to play, but if he does, the Phillies will likely sign him.

Nomar, 35, batted .264 with 8 HR and 28 RBI in 2008. Aurilia played in 140 games last season with the San Francisco Giants. He hit .283 with 10 HR and 52 RBI.

The Phils are also interested in reliever Will Ohman. Ohman had a 3.68 ERA and 1.24 WHIP last season.


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