Rules Should be Enforced in WBC

The World Baseball Classic will be featuring many rules that are not familiar wit Major League Baseball.

  • DH will be used every game.
  • 65 limit pitch count in Round One, 80 in Round 2, 95 in the Semi-Finals and Finals. (A pitcher may finish batter if he reaches the limit in the middle of an at-bat.)
  • A pitcher must rest 4 days if he threw 50 or more pitches, 1 day if he threw 30 or more pitches, and 1 day after he pitched 2 consecutive games in a row.
  • A game is called after opposing team is up by 10 runs after 7 innings or 15 in 5 innings.
  • MLB replay rules will be adopted (home run over fence, fair/foul, fan interference)
  • If game goes until the 13th inning, each half inning will start with runners on first and second base.

These rules are completely necessary for the World Baseball Classic. For many players, this is a competitive form of spring training which includes more playing time. Many are just getting back into the baseball routine.

The pitching rules will be sure to save the arms of pitchers. Pitching wins championships, and a team needs their pitchers healthy for the season.

The mercy and extra inning rules are also necessary. They will speed up the game save time, and players from waring down before the season begins.

The rules shouldn't be used for Major League Baseball, but because the World Baseball Classic is so early in the year, they are perfectly useful.

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Actually, I thoroughly understand the reason behind pitch counts - WBC doesn't want to blow anybody's arm out because then MLB would never let them have players again.

It would be strange to see a guy throwing a no-hitter have to get yanked...

At the end of the day, no matter what the rules, I am happy there will be a World Baseball Classic.

Jay Ballz said...

I like the DH rule being used.

I dislike the mandatory rest for pitchers. I think pitch counts are restricting enough.

I'd enjoy seeing one of those 13 inning/runners on the start the inning games. Don't like the rule much, but it would be interesting to watch.


I saw that add baserunner stuff briefly on TV from Olympics USA vs Cuba.

All you have to do is sacrifice first at-bat and you got a guy on third with one out.

I don't know. For a short tournament, I suppose they can't risk a game going on forever...

Scheduling, Travel etc.

I am always mixed about DH. We get that mostly with IronPigs because rule says if one of two I.L. teams is an A.L. affiliate they use DH. I think it's eight of thirteen IronPigs opponents are A.L. clubs.

Kevin McGuire said...

IRONPIGPEN, did you watch any of the Caribbean World Series? I don't recall the team but there was a pitcher who had a no hitter going and had to be pulled in the fifth or sixth inning (I believe) because of a pitch count rule.

These rules are good for international competitions like this but they should never be used in the major leagues.


I'm glad you posted these rules.

I just referenced the pitch count rules. Italy was doing fine with Havertown's Mark DiFelice until he reached limit against Venezuela.

When he went out...

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