Tejada Charged

In 2002, he won the American League MVP. About a year ago, he was mentioned on the Mitchell Report. Now, Miguel Tejada could face a maximum of one year in jail.

Tejada was charged of lying to Congress about steroids. Tejada will meet in court on Wednesday, expecting to plead guilty.

In 2005, Tejada admitted he provided a vitamin B-12 injection to the positive tested Rafeal Palmero and two other Orioles players. Later that year, he claimed he had no knowledge of the use of steroids by other baseball players.

However, Adam Piatt was quoted in the Mitchell report to have had a conversation with Tejada about steroids. Included were checks written by Tejada to Piatt. Tejada claimed he had no knowledge of Piatt's use of steroids, giving false allegations.

Quotable: The steroid issue has brought up a lot of conversation over the last few days. Lance Berkman, a teammate of Tejada, stated he'd give blood weekly to prove he's clean.
"I want an honest evaluation of me as a player," he said. "I don't want to
compete against guys who are artificially enhancing. Are they physically gifted
above and beyond what I am? If they are, that's fine. If not, it makes me angry,
quite frankly."

Berkman also talked about his teammate:

"The thought definitely crosses your mind," Berkman said. "You hope whatever
plea agreement he worked out means he can continue to play shortstop for us."


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