Kendrick, Donald, Others Opted to Minor League Camp

It is safe to say Kyle Kendrick officially is out of the race for the 5th starters spot in the rotation. Kendrick was opted to Minor League camp. During spring training, Kendrick was 1-3 with an ERA over 9.

"At first I was upset, but I know what I need to do. I'm going to go down there
and work on my secondary pitches. I'll be back."
Kendrick remains confident that he will be in a big league uniform soon,

"I see myself as a big-league pitcher."

"I didn't show my offspeed stuff early enough. It was a little erratic
at times. It just needs to get better. I know I need to get better and the
things I need to do. I'll go down there with a clear mind and get better and
I'll be back."

Lou Marson and Jason Donald were also opted to minor league camp. With Rollins returning from the World Baseball Classic and the season approaching, Donald was to expect a decrease in playing time. Donald batted .296 during spring training. He made a name for a bench spot, but the Phillies would like him to stay fresh playing every day in Lehigh Valley.

Dave Borkowski, Jake Woods, and Brad Harman were also opted to minor league camp. Although he is expected to start in Triple-A, Carlos Carrasco, however, remains with the big club fighting for the last spot in the rotation.

Note: Curt Schilling also announced his retirement today.




It's cute that he sees himself as a major league pitcher. Unfortunately for him no one else does. Not right now anyway.

Philly Keith said...

I doubt we will ever see Kendrick pitch in the bigs again for us...

How do you spell retard? said...

Kyle Kendrick: scouts often call him "a young Adam Eaton".

Amanda said...

Maybe he just needs a change of scenary. Japan any one?


I think Kendrick is through in Philadelphia as well. A change of organization could do him well.

Meanwhile, he can come to Coca-Cola Park and prove us all wrong if he likes!


My email is broke. We get it fixed soon. I can't send or receive but I can take comments at the site.

Anyway, YOU PREDICTED WAY BACK Kendrick wouldn't make the team, didn't you then!


Get a hold of Jay, please. How about we each pick our All-Tournament team for World Baseball Classic and tri-post again?


Donald had a great spring in my opinion. He demonstrated a bright, bright future if he can continue to progress.

17 hits 60 at-bats (.283 avg)
10 walks, 9 strikeouts
10 runs, 2 2B, 1 3B, 4 RBI
2 for 2 stolen bases

I think he had like two errors which is pretty good considering nobody logged anywhere near as much infield time as him. Giles, for example, had two but played far less.

Bruntlett played alot but was deployed in outfield and, recently, at first base. Donald played at SS and 3B the whole time.

He was 2nd in walks (Bruntlett 11) and doesn't strike out alot at all (unlike Brad Harman).

As you and I know, he started out real slow too. He REALLY piled up some hits the second half of his spring games.

All I can say to IronPigs fans who want to see him play is - GET YOUR TICKETS WHILE YOU CAN.

Donald will not be an IronPig forever...

Amanda said...

Hahah yeah, I didn't think Kyle would make the team.. It's all about JA!

Okay, I'll contact Jay. How about we do it some time next week.. I'm pretty tied up this week. Hopefully you can get your email fixed.

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