Pitchers and Stomach Aches: Geary

This series, Pitchers and Stomach Aches, is based on my new feature on Philliesnation.com, Decade's Worst Individual Pitching Performances, otherwise know as DWIPP.

Watching baseball isn't always calming. The stomach is never settled and nerves travel through the body at jet speed. Waiting for Brad Lidge's slider to reach Carlos Ruiz's glove, butterflies filled the belly. In other situations, watching certain pitchers brings stomach aches.

Grab your Pepto-Bismol. Here is the first of a a series stuffed with the decade's gut-wrenching hurlers.

Geoff Geary: In 2004, Geary split time between the majors and minors. He struggled during his time in the big leagues, having the worst year of his Phillies career.

In 47.2 innings, Geary had an ERA of 5.44 and WHIP of 1.52. Opponents batted .292 off the right hander and slugged .528 off him.

2004 was the first year for Citizen's Bank Park and Geary did not fare well at the new ballpark. He had a 6.66 ERA at home. Geary also could have benefited from rest because he had a 10.29 ERA on days he pitched back to back.

Last offseason, the Houston Astros acquired Geary in the trade that brought Brad Lidge to Philadelphia. Geary spent time on the disabled list last season, but in 64 innings, he had a 2.53 ERA, the lowest of his career.

Whether it was watching a pass ball go by against the Mets in 2007, or his options to the minors, Geary wasn't a pitcher you had full confidence in with the game on the line.

Check back to see the next addition of PASA.



haha nice little thing you're doing, DWIPP. It is always fun to reminisce on the wastes of life that used to pitch for our beloved Phils. I predict Adam Eaton dominates the DWIPP series of posts.

Jay Ballz said...

Nice post. Congrats on the PhilliesNation thing.

Shay Roddy said...

did you see the piece in the Houston Chronicle about him? He claims Philly fans threatened his fiance...

I talked to him after a game one time and he shoved me... an all around BAD GUY!

Amanda said...

Shay, I heard about his comments.

And he shoved you?? Whatt.. are you kidding me? How rude!

Shay Roddy said...

Yeah, I was doing something for CBS, asked him for a quote on something.
He said "get out of my face" shoved me out of his way and left. I found him 20 minutes later signing autographs for fans in his car... what a big hurry he was in!

Amanda said...

Dude! That ain't cool. I lost all respect for him, if I had any before.

GM-Carson said...

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