Happy Easter!


Lori said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Amanda.

Cute picture.

Makes me sad, though. I just don't feel like entertaining people in this country these days.

I have a hockey blog which follows international hockey, but, truth be told, I have a hard time getting getting my stuff done there, too.

I just don't feel like sports anymore. I really fucking hate this country nowadays.

I have become extremely anti-social and seem to be in a hostile mood alot (which is why I don't feel like sports - which are supposed to be fun).

Sometimes I feel bad, until I see some Mainstream News!

Then I am ready to brawl again.

Sometimes, I feel bad because, for lack of a better term, I miss you.

You have such great talent. You know baseball, you write well. You have layout skills.

Don't become like me!

(former IronPigPen)

Anonymous said...


I learned so much from you. That always seemed strange to me because I am way older than you.

Still, I never said thank you.

So, thank you.


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