The Last Exhibition

It's hard to believe that 38,000 showed up for an exhibition game. Well, 38,000+ showed up for the Phillies exhibition game against the Tampa Bay Rays as the Phillies prepare for the home opener tomorrow.

A ball tossed by Jimmy Rollins, a hot dog, Coca Cola, wind burn, and an appearance on Phanavision later, the lost Phillies 9-7 to the Rays.

Pat Burrell recieved another standing ovation, and homered off his former teammate Cole Hamels to lead off the game.

“I actually smiled at him as he was running the bases and thought, ‘Oh, that’s
Pat. I’ll let him have one in spring training,’” Hamels said.

Hamels struggles didn't stop there. He allowed a 3 run homerun to Carlos Pena in the same inning. Hamels allowed 6 runs on 6 hits in 5 innings. He struck out seven and walked one.

“I think I was just trying to do too much too soon,” Hamels said. “I really need
to establish my fastball and pitch off that. Going out there with their big guys
in the lineup I was trying to do way too much and make way too many pitches and
I just don’t have the reps yet. I haven’t made enough starts yet. But after
today I’m ready.”

Don't worry about Hamels. Typically a slow starter in spring, Hamels will take his April 10 start to the next level as he typically increases his velocity once the seasons starts. But don't count oh him throwing over 100 pitches. Charlie Manuel will have a close eye on him.

The wind may have helped the Rays off Hamels, but it aslo helped the Phillies at the plate. Raul Ibanez, Greg Dobbs and Jason Donald each hit homeruns. The Phillies had many opportunities to score, but left 7 runners on base.

J.C Romero struggled in his one inning of work allowing 2 earned runs.



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