Phillies Blow 7-1 Lead

On the day they honored Harry Kalas, the Phillies blew a 7-1 lead against the San Diego Padres in their 8-7 loss.

In the first 3.2 innings, the Phillies scored 7 runs off Padres starter Chris Young. Chase Utley started the rally with a three run home run as "Outta Here!" was played over the P.A system.

Chris Coste smacked a two run double giving the Phillies a 5 spot in the first inning as the Phillies batted around.

Luis Rodriguez homered off starter Cole Hamels, but with a Pedro Feliz RBI single and Ryan Howard RBI double, the Phillies had a comfortable 7-1 lead.

The Padres started to get to Hamels in the fifth. Scott Hairston hit a two run home run, and in the sixth Nick Hundley went solo. All of a sudden, it was a two run ballgame.

Cole Hamels velocity was up from his last start and lasted six innings, however, he allowed five earned runs on one walk and eight hits, including three home runs. Hamels struck out four.

Ryan Madson, who prior today was almost unhittable, couldn't hold the Padres as he allowed three earned runs in one inning. Jody Gerut's RBI single put the Padres within one, but he scored the go ahead run when Hairston doubled to drive in two.

In the bottom of the eighth with two outs and Greg Dobbs on second, Utley poked a single threw the infield. Dobbs was waved around, but was thrown out of the plate as he was tripped up by the catcher. Inning over.

The Padres looked to blow the open in the ninth when they had the bases loaded with no outs, but Brad Lidge escaped the jam.

The Phillies rallied in game before and they hoped to do it again, but with a runner on first and two outs, pinch hitter Matt Stairs was called out on strikes as Heath Bell earned the save for the Padres.

Call of the day: On May 2, 2008, Aaron Rowand returned to the Philadelphia and gave the San Francisco Giants a 5-4 lead... until Pat Burrell struck.

"Long Drive! It is.. OUTTA HERE! Pat Burrell! (laughs) Pat Burrell! With a
two run game winning tenth inning home run! Can you believe it? What a
tremendous ending to this game! The Phillies down to their last strike, and
Burrell delivers!


Shay Roddy said...

I love these calls of the day... I just can't believe that voice is gone. I really can't believe it.

Harry Kalas has been calling Phillies games since I was born. For nearly forty years this city has had greatness behind the microphone. He was a hero to many, and a legend to all. This news is shocking and saddening. But where better fitting for harry to die than in a broadcast booth, where he spent so much of his joyous life, preparing to broadcast the game he loved and helped transcend.

It's not even the big calls I'm gonna miss, it's the "alright, thank you Wheels..." and the "Swing and a miss struck him out" and the "High Hopes" singings, and the "we'll be joined in the forth by the hall-of -fame voice of the Phillies, Harry Kalas" that became a part of your daily routine that I'll miss the most.

I'll take any opportunity to talk about Harry. He was a special, special man. I miss him everyday.

Amanda said...

Thanks Shay. I'm gonna try and have them for every game day.

Harry is gonna be missed. I agree, its the little calls I'm gonna miss.

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