Poor Pitching

Especially for the Phillies, the starting position has been a weak point in the first four games of the season. The Phillies are not alone, as several pitchers, including aces and former Cy Young winner have struggled in their season debuts.


Cole Hamels: 3.2 IP/ 7 ER/ 1 HR

Joe Blanton: 4 IP/ 7 ER/ 1 HR

Brett Myers: 4 IP/ 4 ER/ 3 HR

Jamie Moyer: 5 IP/ 4 ER/ 2 HR


Carl Pavano: 1 IP/ 9 ER/ 2 HR

Scott Olsen: 3 IP/ 8 ER/ 2 HR

Cliff Lee: 5 IP/ 7 ER/ 1 HR

Oliver Perez: 4.1 IP/ 8 ER/ 1 HR

Justin Verlander: 3.2 IP/ 8 ER/ 1 HR

CC Sabathia: 4.1 IP/ 6 ER

Brandon Webb: 4 IP/ 6 ER/ 2 HR

Roy Halladay: 7 IP/ 5 ER/ 2 HR

Aaron Cook: 2.1 IP/ 6 ER/ 2 HR

Tim Lincecum: 3 IP/ 3 ER

These are just a few of many pitchers that struggled in their first outing. In other words, don't worry about the Phillies rotation too much. Most of the guys listed above are proven pitchers. It's the first start of the year, fresh out of spring training. They've showed in the past what kind of pitcher they can be.


Jay Ballz said...

Bad starting pitching and an ice cold start by J-Roll are to blame for these 3 losses.

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