Rollins Out of Retirement

Whether it was the "team to beat" or "100 wins," we've all heard Jimmy Rollins' predictions over the years. Earlier in the season, Rollins said he retired from the predicting business, but he is back.

Rollins predicted that he would bat .400 in the month of May.

In September of 2005, Rollins predicted he would bat .400. He hit .402, which started his 38 game hitting streak that ended in April of 2006.

Courtesy: The Fightins

Call of the Day: In April of 2006, Bobby Abreu hit a walk off home run against the Dodgers on a day where the wind was blowing in.

"It's well hit, on any other day its outta here.. and it is OUTTA
HERE! Three run home run, Bob-by Ab-reu! And the Phillies have won
game one dramatically here in the bottom half of the ninth inning as the
Phillies win 6-3, and he had really had to of crushed that ball to hit it out
today. Wow."



I have to talk about the new Harry Kalas tribute sign at Coca-Cola Park sometime at my place

"It's Outta Here" in right field

It looks awesome!!!

I know the guy who made it

Canadian Wood said...

He went 2/5 yesterday, hopefully it's a step in the right direction.

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