Sheff to NY; Phils Bullpen Set

The Phillies were said to have interest in Gary Sheffield, who a right handed hitter. Sheffield was released by the Detroit Tigers, however, the New York Mets signed him for $400,000.

Sheffield wants playing time, something he'll get more of with the Mets than the Phillies. If he were to be a Phillie, he'd only serve as a pinch hitter, but in New York, he may see more action on the field. It is also questionable how Sheffield's attitude will be.

Phillies Note: The Phillies announced Jack Taschner and J.A Happ, both lefties, will each start the year in the Phillies bullpen.

The 25 man roster needs one more hitter, most likely a right handed bat, as obvious with the release of Geoff Jenkins. The job could go to Miguel Cairo, unless the Phillies find help elsewhere.



Good report with respect to status of Happ and Taschner

Happ deserved to stay up as much as I know he can dominate for IronPigs

That's the thing about the minors - our good players graduate.

But we are supposed to have new ones following, too!

Donald and Marson (Mayberry too) will be something new for us in Lehigh Valley, a pile of legitimate prospects :)

Shay Roddy said...

Cairo WILL be the 25th man (barring a last minute trade)

Jay Ballz said...

I am not a fan of the 3 lefties idea.

Mosebach or Koplove would have gotten the job done. I feel like Happ should stick with a starting role at Lehigh.

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