That's Our Adam

Adam Eaton made his last spring appearance on Thursday in vintage Adam Eaton form. Even if he didn't help his chances, Orioles manager Dave Trembly said it wouldn't be considered a tryout.

Adam Eaton faced the New York Mets, one of the few teams he had success against in the past, and allowed five runs on nine hits and two walks. He pitched five innings and threw 94 pitches. His teammates helped him out when the right fielder made an outstanding catch, leaping the wall and robbing Brian Schnieder of a two-run home run.

In 21 innings, he allowed 17 earned runs on 33 hits and eight walks. His spring ERA is now 7.29.

The Orioles haven't set their rotation so the number five starter is still up in the air. No one else has enough Major League experience as the other contenders are Brian Bass and Danys Baez. Another option could be to send Matt Albers to Triple-A. Either way, the Orioles lack pitching depth. When asked about if Eaton had a definite spot, Trembley replied:

“Let me go in and get a diet soda and … think about it. I’m not going to tell
you that right now.”

Unlike Trembly, Eaton remains confident.

"They haven't told me for sure, but all signs obviously point for making
the rotation," Eaton said. "I wish I would have made the decision a little bit
easier for them, but I know that if the decision is made that I'm on the staff,
they're going to be pleased with [it]."

QUOTE SOURCE: Baltimore Sun


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