Victorino's Salami Caps Comeback

Call of the day: Talk about irony. Before the Phillies game even started, I picked out the "call of the day" clip. I already had it saved on blogger, typed up. Today's "call of the day" happened with Shane Victoirno nearly 26 years later. The same count, number of outs, outcome and everything.

In April of 1983, the Phillies trailed the Mets, but came back to win with the help of Bo Diaz.

"...the 2-1 pitch... Swing and a Long Drive! Deep left field! A grand slam! The
Phillies, have won the game! Unbelievable! Bo Diaz, a grand slam home run and
the Phillies have won the game, in the ninth."

I had to start with the call of the day. I usually leave it for last, but with the extremely odd and ironic similarities and the fact that I had it ready prior to the game evern started, it had to be first. And that was basically the story for the Phillies.

In the first inning, Dan Uggla blasted a three run home run giving the Florida Marlins a 3-0 lead, that would last until the 9th. The home run would be the 15th straight game a Phillies starter allowed a home run, a major league record.

Josh Johnson pitched 7 shutout innings allowing just 3 hits and 2 walks. He struck out 8. After the first inning, Myers settled down a bit and was able to get out of jams. He allowed 8 hits and walked 6 batters, and struck out five.

In the ninth inning, it looked to be another rough day for the Phillies offense. However, Jayson Werth doubled, Raul Ibanzed singled, and Matt Stairs hit an RBI single to put the Phillies on the board. Matt Lindstom walked Lou Marson and Jimmy Rollins for Victorino, who did his best NLDS impression. He hit a grand slam home run giving the Phillies the lead. Chase Utley hit his fifth home run of the year, capping a 7 spot in the 9th inning for the Phillies.

Biggest 9th inning comeback against the Marlins? Big comeback for the 2009 Phillies, yes. But in 2005, the Phillies put up a 10 spot in the 9th against the Fish after trailing 2-0 after many Marlins mistakes. Victorino was apart of the rally then, and he was again on Friday.


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