Bruised Foot Keeps Utley Out of Lineup

Chase Utley was held out Tuesday night’s lineup because of a bruised foot. Utley, who also did not play on Saturday, was hit by a pitch by Mike Pelfrey on Friday night.

“He wanted to play [Tuesday night],” said Charlie Manuel. “But I felt like there
was no sense in taking a chance on it getting any worse. I don’t want him to be
down for a long period of time.”

Utley was available to pinch hit, but Manuel did not want to use him unless the game was on the line. Utley should be back in Wednesday’s lineup.

Call of the day: The Phillies were losing to the Chicago Cubs 8-0 in the 4th inning in September, in the middle of a pennant race. Although the Phillies ended up losing the game, Jose Hernandez came off the bench to pinch hit and put the Phillies right back in the game and was smack in the center of a Harry Kalas call.

"Marshall winds.. The 3-2 pitch. Swing and a drive to DEEP LEFT! It might be, it
is OUTTA HERE! GRAND SLAM HOME RUN, Jose Her-nan-dez! And it is now an 8-6 game, and the Phillies are right back in this thing."

Phillies Note: Shane Victorino extended his hitting streak to 14 games in Tuesday's game after hitting a solo home run. Victorino went 4-5 to help the Phillies take first place in the NL East.


Jay Ballz said...

I think the hit streak is at 14 now, for Shane-o.

Amanda said...

Yup, its 14. Thanks.

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