Chan Ho Must Go and the Rest of the Rivalry

The New York Mets beat the Phillies yesterday, 7-4, in the rivals first meeting of the year.

Chan Ho Park stunk, once again. He gave up 7 earned runs in 4.2 innings.

Charlie Manuel may say that Park his his fifth starter for now, but his spot in the rotation is finally in jeopardy. I didn't think his spot in the rotation would last long, especially once Romero gets back with all the lefties in the bullpen. Park could be out of the rotation before Romero returns.

A basrunning mistake probably cost the Phillies, but the Mets were able to take advantage of the Phillies mistakes.

It wasn't like some of the games in the past where these games are usually down to the wire, down to the final pitch.

“It’s one of those things where it’s two totally different mentalities, two
different attitudes, everything. We just don’t believe in the same things. Our
two teams, it’s like oil and water. Some of the guys on their team just wouldn’t
fit in our clubhouse, and some of the guys here just wouldn’t fit with their
guys. That’s just how it is.” Ryan Madson said.

Moyer goes to today against Perez. Lidge should be available today.

Call of the day: With just one out and runners at the corners in the top of the 9th, Shawn Green hit a ground ball that wasn't hard enough for a double play. Tadahito Iguchi tried to turn it until Marlon Anderson attempted to break it up.

"Bouncing ball, chopped to short. It's not a double play ball. OH, they
called interference! They ruled interference on Marlon
Anderson and that will end the game!"

"...No they didn't have to go get 'em, its not a double play ball.
They could not of turned the double play, but Marlon Anderson, takes out
Tadahito Iguchi and is called for interference- a game ending interference


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