Cuddyer Hits For Cycle

Michael Cuddyer of the Minnesota Twins hit for the cycle on Friday, becoming the second Twins player to hit for the cycle this season, and the 10th in team history. Jason Kubel hit for the cycle on April 17.

Cuddyer hit a three run home run in his first at bat against the Brewers' Manny Parra. In his last at bat, he got a triple to complete the rare feat.

Cuddyer's five runs batted in tied a career high.

Orlando Hudson and Ian Kinsler also hit for the cycle this season.

Call of the Day: In 2004, Jim Thome his his 400th career home run.

"Could it be? Could it be? It is.. OUTTA HERE! Number 400, for
Jim Thome! Take a bow big man! There is no more popular player in Phillies
history than that big guy."


Jordan said...

ohhh man Thome's 400th. I was at the game, front row right next to first base. 6/14 it was the rain make up game vs the reds which was supposed to be the first night game ever at Citizens Bank Park. Not only that, my friend sitting next to me called Pat the Bat going yard as the crowd was still on its feet for James Howard Thome. And if I remember correctly, that game was also put into a rain delay before the 5th and everyone was worried number 400 wouldn't count, but they ended up continuing the game and 400 stood, just like Thome did above the city of Philadelphia at that moment. What a memory!

Amanda said...

Good memory Jordan. I forgot that it was a makeup and how everyone was worried it wouldnt be official. What a great memory!

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