Four Game Sweep

The Phillies came into Washington with a record of .500, but it didn't take long for them to get back on track as they swept the lowly Nationals in four games.

Raul Ibanez was the star of the series going 9-for-18 with 3 HR and 9 RBI. Pedro Feliz was also a key player going 7-for-14 with 2 RBI. Feliz's bunt on Sunday helped score the go ahead run on a huge fielding blunder by the Washington Nationals.

Jimmy Rollins and Brad Lidge showed signs of getting back on track. Rollins was 7-for-18 with a triple and 2 RBI. Brad Lidge blew his first save opportunity of the series, but the Phillies came back to win in the 12th inning. However, he bounced back saving the next two games. On Sunday, Charlie Manuel decided to pitch Scott Eyre for the first two batters in the ninth. When Lidge came in, he threw just two pitches to get a game ending double play and the save.

Chase Utley and Shane Victorino, who have both been struggling recently, were able to get on base. Utley had 4 hits and Victorino had 5. Ryan Howard also hit 2 home runs during the series.

Andrew Carpenter and Sergio Escalona earned their first major league wins. After Cairo was released, Carpenter pitched instead of J.A Happ because of his bullpen appearance on Friday. He pitched 4.1 innings and allowed 5 earned runs during the rain shortened double header. Carpenter was sent down, and Escalona was called up and pitch in a big situation for the Phillies liming the Nationals to one hit over one inning.

Myers pitched well in his seven innings on Saturday. He allowed just 2 runs on 3 hits and 2 walks. He struck out 8. Chan Ho Park struggled in his start on Sunday allowing 5 earned runs in just over one inning.

For the most part, the bullpen pitched well throughout the series. The sweep was huge even if it was against the Nationals. They showed a little fight and make the game too close for comfort, but at the same time played horrible proving why they are a last place team at the moment.

None the less, the Phillies needed to take advantage of the Nats struggles and capture this sweep. They are 20-16, the same record they had at this point in 2008.

Call of the day: On July 2, 1993 at 4:41 AM, closer Mitch Williams delivers a game-winning RBI single against the San Diego Padres in the second game of a rain-delayed doubleheader.

"Line drive... left-center field... Incaviglia scores and the Phillies win
it on a base hit by Mitchie-poo!"


Jordan said...

Great shots! I can imagine that scoreboard was as clear as J Silk's turnaround at the plate. What was the part of a new high-tech park like that? My favorite would have to be el coche rojo de PHILLIES CHAMPIONSHIP 2008!! I also think I saw a chick in a 'Nova t-shirt ;)

P.S. What happened to some of the audio on the calls of the day?!? These get me started every morning

Amanda said...

Jordan, the park was really nice. It reminded me a lot like CBP, but bigger. And the scoreboard was much nicer and bigger. There were a ton of Phillies fans there. Basically all of LF was Phillies fans.

As for the call of the day audio, sometimes I can find a link, sometimes I can't. Sometimes I just find the quote, or see it on TV and jot it down. Tomorrow there will definitely be a call of the day with audio. None today since its not a game day.

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