Myers Injures Hip; Likely Done for '09

Brett Myers' hip has been bothering him off and on throughout the years, but more recently for the past month or so. However, it wasn't bad enough to keep him out of any games. But on Wednesday, Myers irritated his hip after throwing a pitch, and left the game.

What Myers described as a "pinch" turned out to be fraying and possible tearing of the hip labrum, a similar injury to Alex Rodriguez and Chase Utley. X-rays after the game also revealed bone spurring in his right hip joint.

"I am going to explore every option I need to," Myers said. "Keep pitching, but
if he tells me, 'It’s over, you need to have [surgery] now or you could cause
damage,' I will have it. I have to. It's a no brainer. If he tells me rehab and
anti-inflammatory medicine will take care of it, I’ll pitch through it."

Myers will likely undergo surgery and recovery time is about 4-6 months. Myers, a free agent after the 2009 season, likely has thrown his last pitch as a Phillie.

Hip injuries have been the popular injury this season. Beside A-Rod and Utley, Carlos Delgado and Alex Gordon have had hip problem this year.

QUOTE SOURCE: The Phillies Zone




So who do Phillies recall


Jay Ballz said...

Ugh...Carpenter. I am not liking that option at all.

I thought I heard if he had the surgery, Brett could be back before season's end....

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