Phillies Could Trade for Big Name

Brett Myers will undergo the knife and have hip surgery sometime next week. The Phillies have an opening in the rotation and are going to need to fill it.

For the short term, the Phillies will likely call up either Kyle Kendrick, Carlos Carrasco, Antonio Bastardo, or Andrew Carpenter. In the long run, the Phillies are going to look to make a trade.

In recent years, the Phillies added starters, but not the big guns. They've added Jamie Moyer, Kyle Lohse, and Joe Blanton; solid pitchers, but not big names.

One option is Jake Peavy. The Phillies could go after Peavy, but he is rumored to not want to come to the east coast. With a full no trade clause, he could veto any trade.

The most likely option is probably Roy Oswalt. With Ed Wade their GM, the Phillies could be able to get Oswalt a little cheaper than if he were on another team.

Erik Bedrard, Jason Marquis, are also among names that have come up. Even names like Brandon Webb, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Aaron Harang, Doug Davis, and Chris Young have popped up. The Phillies probably aren't looking at a Brad Penny type of pitcher, the kinds the have picked up in recent seasons.

In order to get a big name pitcher, the Phils will have to dig deep into the farm system. The Phillies system is much deeper than recent years. Jason Donald, Carrasco, Lou Marson, Dominic Brown, Kyle Drabek, Travis D'Arnuaud, Freddy Galvis and Bastardo seem to be popular targets. In order to get something, they Phillies have to give something up. It benefits to have a deep system.

With all that being said, out of all the players I mentioned, Roy Halladay would my choice. I don't see it happening, but I can dream too.

Call of the Day: This call isn't so much the great play, but what Harry Kalas would say after each inning.

"This ball is juggled by Rollins. But he recovers in time to throw out
Kelly Johnson! Great recovery by JRoll. No runs, hits, errors, and
none left. We go to the bottom of the ninth. Phillies last shot.
Braves four, Phils nothing."


Jordan said...

Love the call of the day and love playing the Gnats at home to finally break this spell of losses. I'd really hate to see Oswalt in Red Pinstripes even though it does seem like the most likely acquisition. I really believe he's past his prime. But a person I would like is Erik Bedard. I think he won like 20 or more games a couple years ago but he isn't a fluke like Cliff Lee. Injuries set him back but once again he set himself apart from the Freddy An Garcia's of the league by coming back this year and pitching well. Also, he seems like a Philly guy

Jordan said...

Also, i found out that Howard's last triple deck bomb was off Mike Mussina on 6/20/2006; the year of Ryan's MVP award. Think you could find that for call of the day?

Amanda said...

Jordan, here is the call of the day for Howard's triple decker.

Feel free to add any other sugestions.

Good anaylsis of Oswalt and the other guys.

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