Phillies Honored at the White House

The Phillies visited Barack Obama and the White House in Washington D.C on Friday afternoon. Originally scheduled to visit in April, the Phillies postponed due to the passing of broadcaster Harry Kalas.

Jimmy Rollins, who campaigned for Obama, presented the 44th president with a #44 jersey and a baseball. Obama asked for a World Series ring too, but Rollins politely declined.

“What an unbelievable run it was, full of come from behind wins. This is an
underdog team that loved to prove their prognosticators wrong. We share
something in common because no one thought I was going to win either,” Obama


Call of the day: Rollins has played superb defense throughout his Phillies career.

"Line drive. Oh what a catch by J-Roll. What a great grab by
Jimmy Rollins for out number two. Phillies have thrown some leather at the
Brew Crew throughout this series to silence their offense."


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