Dugan Expected To Sign

The Phillies first draft pick, Kelly Dugan, is expected to sign with the Phillies instead of attending Pepperdine, where he was committed to attending.

Dugan is extremely excited by the opportunity and has already bonded with Pat Gillick, and has a close relationship to the Happy Madison Production Company. His father Dennis directed a few Adam Sandler movies.

He even managed to get Kevin James, a die hard Mets fan, to wear a Phillies shirt for the occasion.

Remember the Declaration of Independence play scene in"Big Daddy?" If you go to Kelly Dugan's IMDB page, it says that he played a part in "Big Daddy." A small part, but I might have found it. I have no idea if this is actually Kelly, but I'd say it kind of looks like him.

Here is the YouTube video of his part.


Slice said...

I remember that movie lol, hope dugan does sign looks like another phillies draft pick that will make it to the bigs:)

Jay Ballz said...

Great find with the Big Daddy stuff, Amanda. Nice post.

Amanda said...

Thanks Jay, and hopefully he makes it to the bigs, Slice.

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