NL All Star Balloting Update

It's no surprise Chase Utley is leading all second baseman in the all star voting with over 1.7 million votes.

However, it may be shocking that Jimmy Rollins has taken the league among National League shortstops. Yes, the same Jimmy Rollins who is batting just .222 with 3 HR and 18 RBI. Yes, the same Jimmy Rollins who has a .261 on base percentage, .322 slugging percentage and .583 on-base plus slugging percentage. The same Jimmy Rollins who oh by the way had four 2-0 and three 3-0 counts coming into Sunday's game.

To his credit, he has played gold glove type defense, but come on people. Look at is numbers. I understand if he is a fan favorite but is he really all star worthy over Hanley Ramirez who is batting .332 with 8 HR and a .939 OPS in the same amount of games as Rollins?

One leader who is all star worthy is Raul Ibanez who took the lead in the NL outfield. Ibanez leads Ryan Braun with 1,415,493 votes. Carlos Beltran follows Braun.

Albert Pujols leads all first baseman with Ryan Howard still in the mix. David Wright and Ryan Zimmerman are putting up a close race for third base. Pedro Feliz is fourth. Carlos Ruiz is fifth at the catcher's position with Yadier Molina leading the way.


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