Taschner Used In Wrong Situations

Seen on Phillies Nation.

The three earned runs Jack Taschner allowed on Friday were just a small sampling of his season long struggles. The Phillies need as much bullpen help as they can get with the absence of Brad Lidge and Scott Eyre, however so far Taschner has not been the answer.

Taschner is 1-1 with a 5.26 ERA and 1.87 WHIP in 25.2 innings pitched. In games that he has pitched, the Phillies are only 6-13.

Taschner hasn't served as a situational left-hander, especially since left handed batters are batting .296 against him.

Most of his troubles have come when he pitches more than one inning. There are 12 games that Taschner has pitched less one inning or less. In 8 of those 12 games, he has not allowed an earned run. The problem is that in most situations Taschner pitches, he is brought in with inherited runners on base, which he allows to score.

Taschner is not going to get the tough left hander out or eat up innings for a weary bullpen. In addition, if the Phillies are going to keep him in the bullpen, he should not be coming in with runners on base or in a key situation in the seventh inning or later.


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