Violaters Shouldn't Rehab

Major League Baseball has allowed minor league rehab appearances for those who violated the drug policy. Manny Ramirez and J.C Romero, for example, were each allowed rehab appearances before their suspension ended.

Personally, I don't think they should be allowed to rehab before their suspension is up. They violated the policy, they should be penalized. They're banned from MLB for 50 games, that should mean all of baseball, minor leagues and its affiliates. If they need rehab, they should wait until the suspension is up. They can learn their lesson and it supports a stronger drug policy for MLB.

It's not really a suspension if they're still allowed to play somewhere. Yes, it's not the majors, but what if it is not Manny, instead a veteran player on a last place team, but borderline major league talent. He played in the MLB, but he isn't that good. He rehabs in Triple-A, but that is where he should play anyway.

Because of the rehab, Manny Ramirez is receiving more attention around the minor leagues now. Minor League Baseball even broadcasted the game live on their web site. Between innings, kids swept off the bases wearing Manny dreadlocks. Manny received so much fan support and said "People love me everywhere." What kind of message is this sending to kids? Take a banned substance get positive support and attention?

In conclusion, MLB should not allow rehab appearances. By allowing it, it is almost like they are somewhat supporting the policy.


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