Bran Torino & Pedro

Brandon Inge and Shane Victorino win the Final Vote for the 2009 All Star Game.

A Dominican Republic website posted that the Phillies signed Martinez for $4 million. The reports are unconfirmed, but the Phillies are serious about signing Pedro.

Ruben Amaro said that the Phillies have not signed Martinez. Amaro had no comment on whether an agreement has been reached.

Martinez told the Associated Press that his agent is negotiating with the Phillies.

David Murphy reports: “Pedro Martinez’s agent shoots down report, but says interest is mutual between Pedro and Phils. Calls client 'close' to making decision.”

Jason Stark reported that the Phillies requested Pedro to throw for a second time. Martinez originally declined, but changed his mind and will throw Friday at 1:00 PM.

Martinez’s agent who said Pedro decide where he would like to play by Sunday.


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