Fan Points Laser

Booing Santa Claus, throwing batteries at J.D Drew. Guess what Phillies fans? You can add another thing to your resume. A fan shined a laser (yes, the kind from 1997) at Julio Lugo while he was up to bat.

The incident caused a brief delay, as the umpires, security, and even coaches tried to find the criminal. Nobody knows who pointed the laser, and nobody around him played "tattle-tale."

It was a stupid thing for this fan to do. The fan should have never pointed a laser and could potentially cause eye damage to a player. However, it is silly to claim that it could have "changed the outcome of the game" in favor for the Cardinals. If anything, wouldn't it have took Chan Ho Park out of a rhythm? Lugo struck out, but he admitted it was a good pitch by Park. It could have cost the Phillies the game if Park had a long wait.

"I thought I was going to get shot," Lugo said.

"It's immature. It's
something that doesn't belong at the ballpark," Rollins said.

Many Phillies fans are upset about the incident, much like Cardinal fans. Just another addition to a bad Phillies fan reputation.

As the media and other fans "Philadelphia fan hate-fest" continues, didn't a similar incident happen a few years ago in New York?



GM-Carson said...

It was stupid, but like you said this wasn't an isolated incident.

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