Other Options for Halladay

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Left and right, fans are making fantasy trade proposals for Blue Jays' ace, Roy Halladay. Who to give up, who to keep, are the popular questions. We hear about digging deep into the farm system trading away some of the most promising talent. Popular names include Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor, and J.A Happ. The fact is, nobody wants to get rid of these rising young stars, but in order to get Halladay, at least one of them has to be packaged.

Halladay has been one of the best, if not the best, pitchers in baseball. No matter the cost, getting Halladay would be worth it. Nobody can predict the future, but there may be a Cy Young in Drabek's future, or a MVP award in Taylor's.

The Phillies will scrutinize all options, which may be at the Major League level. Happ, yes, but the Phillies would prefer to keep him. Right now, Happ is the ace of the staff. Will he face a sophomore slump? Time will tell. Happ may not be an ace down the road, but could find himself as the number two or three starter. Having a middle of the rotation guy like Happ is important. There is other Major League talent that could be explored. Not many people have mentioned him, nor thought about trading him. How about Shane Victorino?

Nobody wants to see Victorino go, but he is a trade alternative. The Blue Jays would like to dump outfielder Vernon Wells and put him in a trade with Halladay. With the move, Jayson Werth could move to centerfield, and Wells in right. Wells is batting .263 with nine home runs, however a change of scenery may do him good. Citizens Bank Park would be a nice fit for Wells, who has hit for power in the past. Or the Phillies could do the same deal, only Werth instead of Victorino.

The deal would mean that at least one top prospect would stay, meaning Drabek or Taylor. The Phillies would get the best pitcher in baseball, plus hold on to a potential Cy Young or MVP winner. One prospect that will not stay is Jason Donald. The Blue Jays want a shortstop, and the Jays scouted him in the past, liking what they saw.

I am not saying the Phillies should make this deal. I am simply exploring all trade possibilities and this is something to consider. Would you be willing to trade Victorino/Werth for Halladay?


Jay Ballz said...

I think sending away either Werth or Victorino to save Happ is the wrong move. How many times have pitchers began a career or a season with gleaming results, then, once teams see him or get a book on him, the pitcher comes back down to Earth? Happ is Randy Wolf, to me, right down to the lefty arm and jersey number. He's good...solid enough, but he's NOT going to win any Cy Young Awards. Also, acquiring Vernon Wells is a deal killer.

I've seen Taylor play a bunch, and I honestly think he can help a ML team RIGHT NOW, but I'd rather have Shane and Jay-Dubya for the playoffs this year. I want Taylor on the roster over Mayberry Jr or Bruntlett, not over one of the other two guys.

Keeping Happ, while acquiring a guy like Halladay, with Pedro Martinez on his way, leaves the team with 6 starters. Any deal for a pitcher will likely involve Happ.

If it takes Donald, Drabek, Happ and another prospect to get a legitimate top tier pitcher, like Halladay or Haren, I want that deal done NOW.

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