Pharm Phriday: Kyle Kendrick Punk'd Again

Remember when Brett Myers pulled an awesome prank on Kyle Kendrick which led Kendrick to believing he was traded to Japan? Awesome times, right? Remember when Kendrick was called up for one game this season and blew the game? Not so awesome times. Either way, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs brought out their best attire which may have fooled the man they call "KK"

By now, we all know that Cole Hamels married Heidi Strobel, a former "Survivor" contestant. Well, maybe he started a trend. Kendrick proposed to his girlfriend, Stephanie LaGrossa, another "Survivor" contestant.

A few days later, after the news was out, the IronPigs sported a tuxedo jersey. KK, being as gullible as what-ever is gullible these days, thought it was in his honor.

"It was kind of weird just getting engaged and then having to wear those things
the first time back," Kendrick said. "I had no idea what was going on until I
got here."

Silly Kendrick, the tuxedo's are for the team's second annual Ball Park Wedding Night! Before the game, a happy couple exchanged their wedding vowels.

Although the IronPigs looked dandy, these tuxedo jersey's are a one time deal. They will be auctioned for charity.
Oh yeah, besides the fancy looks, there was a game. Michael Taylor went 0-3 in his IronPigs debut and Kendrick pitched eight innings, allowing just two runs in the IronPigs' win.


Anonymous said...

These unis are downright ridiculous, just awful.

Yeah, they raise money for charity.

Actually, the wear special jerseys and auction them off for charity alot. These were the WORST ever, though.

Last year's were cool:

Black Harley-Davidson with flames

Blueish Hawaiian-style shirts

USA flag theme jerseys

Pink jerseys with blue trim for Breast Cancer Awareness (they did that this year, too)

They had camoflague jerseys this year already.

The tuxedos are surplus to requirements. Apparently, however, it made ESPN top ten on Sportscenter.


Anonymous said...

Michael Taylor was 0-3

But he did draw a walk and would score the fifth IronPigs run to make it 5-0, which proved to be the game-winner.

Rochester rallied for four runs (beat up on Sergio Escalona enough) but IronPigs hung on.

Steven Register got the save.


Jeremy Slayden hit a HR for second night in a row for AA Reading Phillies yesterday.

Slayden (29 ga, 7 HR 23 RBI, .375 avg) in AA since being sent back by IronPigs to get playing time.

Slayden has been hampered all year from his spring injury, in my opinion. I think he is starting to finally get healthy. Slayden's power is legitimate.


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