Philis/Giants Open Series

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Philadelphia Phillies at San Francisco Giants
Rodrigo Lopez (3-0, 3.09 ERA) vs. Jonathan Sanchez (3-9, 4.92 ERA)

The Phillies open up a four game series against the San Francisco Giants. The Giants are a better team than in previous years. They are well over .500 and lead the National League Wild Card by a half game.

This is most likely Rodrigo Lopez’s last start because of the additions of Cliff Lee and Pedro Martinez. A great outing would make a tough decision for the Phils. He is pitching for his job so he has not choice but to step it up.

Jonathan Sanchez threw a no-hitter against the San Diego Padres on July 10, but he barely became a starter. Moved from the rotation to the bullpen, he found himself back in the rotation due to injuries. Other than the no-no, Sanchez has struggled with an ERA close to 5.

Shane Victorino will not be in the lineup due to a knee contusion. Tonight’s lineup: Rollins (SS)/ Utley (2B)/ Werth (RF)/Howard (1B)/ Ibanez (LF)/ Francisco (CF)/ Feliz (3B)/ Ruiz (C)/ Lopez (P)


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